Amazing gig

Amazing gig headlining a festival slap bang in the middle of beautiful Ghent. Thousands of people partying till 8 am mid week, no council restrictions, not one single police person or security in sight, just thousands of happy polite partying people. WTF England? (24/7/13)

We smashed Godney

We smashed Godney tonight despite having to follow the musical master class that was the Blockheads set. Love them! (21/7/13)

Llangollen done

Llangollen done, Godney Gathering in Glastonbury today followed by Belgium on Tuesday and then Kendal Calling, Nostock and Lounge on the Farm next weekend. (20/7/13)  

Back in the fold

Good to be back in the fold with the Dub Pistols for a weekend that will, guaranteed without a doubt and in all probability turn out to be yes you guessed it, mucky (19/7/13)